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A disabled Korean War Veteran, won the U.S. Air Force Featherweight title in the 1950's. After receiving an Honorable Discharge from the U.S. Air Force, Jimmy entered the amateur boxing ranks and won several titles, including the New England Featherweight Champion, World Contender (Lost Close Decision to Willie Pep, Feather Weight Champion of the World). He then turned to the professional boxing ranks and developed into a 10-round fighter inless than a year. He boxed main events in the Mechanics Builidng, the Boston Arena and Boston Garden. Jimmy fought many prominent opponents such as World Champion Willie Pep, George Colton (3 split decisions) and "Irish" Pat McCarthy.

Clem Crowley managed and trained Jimmy throughout his entire career, after meeting him in the Air Force in 1953.

50 Amateur Bouts

50 Professional Bouts

  • 1995 - Inducted into the VBA Ring 4 Hall of Fame
  • 1996 - Inducted into the U.S. Air Force Boxing Hall of Fame


Reunion 2001

Reunion 2000


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