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  • 1951 - U.S. Air Force Boxing Coach
  • 1952 - U.S. Air Force Boxing Coach
  • 1953 - U.S. Air Force Boxing Coach
  • 1954 - U.S. Air Force Boxing Coach

Veteran fight Manager and Trainer over 50 years. Life member of the D.A.V., Korean War Coached Heavy Weight Joe DeAngelis who won a decision over Rocky Marciano in Portland, Oregon as an Amateur.

Managed, trained and seconded hundreds of fighters all over the Country :

  • Rolly Hackmer - U.S. Air Force 112lb. Champion
  • Jimmy Connors - 126 lb. - New England Champion
  • Ray Jutrus - New England Fly Weight Champion and North American Fly Weight Champion
  • Jimmy Rockey Sullivan - 135 lb. Champion
  • Jackson Brown - 147 lb. New England Champion
  • Johnny O'Brien - New England Bantam Weight Champion and North American Bantam Weight Champion
He was the first worldwide USAF and Olympic boxing coach in 1952.
  • 1992 - inducted into the Ring 4 Hall of Fame
  • May 28, 1994, Washington, D.C. Bolling Air Force Base, former boxing trainer Clem Crowley was the recipient of the United States Air Force (USAF) boxing "Hall of Fame Award" at the annual Air Force reunion.


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